The Tube Distinctions KT-150 Copper Valve Amplifier - Review

Discover more about the fabulous Tube Distinctions KT-150 Copper Power Amplifier

The Tube Distinctions Copper Amp is my current amplifier. Falling neatly in between my Croft Epoch Elite preamplifier and my 15" Tannoy Monitor Gold Lockwood Major loudspeakers, the Copper makes its presence felt.

Tube Distinctions Copper Valve Amplifier

Designed and made in south Wales, England by Anthony Matthews, the Copper amplifier brings a new dimension to the music with expression and feeling.

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The main chassis is made from pure Copper. Beautifully made in Wales, (a place where Copper has a real heritage) the chassis is where all of the ironwork (transformers) is seated. Being of Copper construction it naturally diminishes any coupling effect that the power supply naturally induces and it also acts as a very good heat sink.

The Tube Distinctions Copper Amplifier - KT-150s -

The Tube Distinctions Copper Amplifier - KT-150s -

From an outside perspective, it does look 'the business'. Some may like the chassis shiny but for me, it always looks best once it's oxidised a little.

Some of you may know about Anthony's other products including the Soul series amplifiers which are something even more special. The ironwork is from Sowter in the UK, one of the best transformer manufacturers in the world.

There are 4 transformers altogether. With the large main power transformer seated in the middle, it's flanked by a pair of output transformers. Then directly behind the mains transformer is a smaller choke transformer.

At the side of the output transformers are two carry handles which, believe me, you will be thankful for because all this metal brings the Copper amplifier in at 40kg's.

On the rear is an HT switch so you can effectively put the amplifier into a sleep mode. There are also two potentiometers, one for each channel. These are to adjust the output feedback which is very handy for fine-tuning.

The Tube Distinctions Copper Amplifier and the Thorens TD-124 MKII -


Before we get to the valves I think it's worth mentioning my previous amplifier to the Copper. It was also Tube Distinctions related but this time it was a modified Pure Sound A30. It was modified by Anthony to another level with a huge external power supply to eliminate the coupling effect from its power supply and its metal chassis.

I had some oak casing made and had new output transformer casings fitted. The amplifier used KT-88's and KT-120's and it sounded amazing.

The Tube Distinctions Modified Pure-Sound A30 -

The Tube Distinctions Copper Amplifier and the Thorens TD-124 MKII -

The Sound

Back to the Copper. As 'stock', the Copper can use KT-88's or KT-120's alongside 6SN7's and GZ34 rectifiers, outputting a 30+ watts [per channel] of pure class-A power. Then, with much of the internal components upgraded with Claritycap MR capacitors amongst other things it could move up another notch to the KT-150's. With that, a jump up on the rectifiers was also available using 5U4GB's which brought it all together.

With the updates it now puts out 50 watts [per channel] of pure class-A power, which for a pair of Tannoy Monitor Golds is more than plenty. The Copper gives the Tannoys grip, more so than any other amplifier I've heard.

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Partnered with great sources (analog and digital) and with 15" Tannoy Monitor Gold loudspeakers. The sound from the Copper amplifier is astoundingly good. It embellishes and forms a balanced stage, encapsulating everything together in a layered and visual way with no strain whatsoever. 

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It's grip, timing, and pace ensure this beautiful Copper monster a very talented and multifaceted amplifier. This as a whole means that the sound is always exciting, always engaging, and never dull.

The price tag for this particular amplifier is around £5000. You can see and read more about Tube Distinctions below.

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