The Tannoyista Tannoy Monitor Gold Crossovers - Review 2016

Discover the ultimate crossovers for the Tannoy Monitor Gold Loudspeakers - By Tannoyista

Designed and handmade in Great Britain, the Tannoyista crossovers give these classic Tannoy Monitor Gold loudspeakers a refreshed sound without losing their magic, uniqueness and dynamics. Each set is unique and numbered. 

Housed in a solid oak dovetailed casework and employing point-to-point wiring they are upgradable and adaptable to your system using some of the very best components available today.

Image of the Tannoyista Tannoy Monitor Gold Crossovers

About Tannoyista

Tannoyista started life in 2012 when the realisation of how a set of loudspeakers that were nearly 50 years old could still to this day compete and win over a vast array of other more modern loudspeaker designs. After living with Monitor golds for about 2 years the difference in sound when using updated crossovers in comparison to the original sets was profound.

Based in the UK we have a passion for workmanship and a passion for accurate sound reproduction. We test all of our crossovers using valve amplification as well as transistorised (solid state) equipment. We endevour to keep true to the classic sound using vintage source equipment from the 1960's to the present day through vintage Lockwood speaker cabinets.

The Tannoyista external monitor gold crossovers are updated high-end upgrade crossover units for the vintage monitor gold 15” & 12” series drivers.

As of 2017 Tannoyista no longer make these to order. Over 30 units worldwide have been produced.

Tannoy Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers -
Tannoyista Custom Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers -
The crossover is the brains of the loudspeaker. Designed in 3D and meticulously handmade in Great Britain our crossovers give your speakers a natural refreshed sound without losing characteristic of the drivers.

Tannoyista Custom Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers Connection Panel -
Externalising the crossovers let both crossover and driver perform without interference from vibration and magnetic flux. Bringing together a tried and tested selection of today's component technology unveils the natural sound of the drivers. 

With improved spatial separation and a rock solid central image, transient speed and definition has a much more accurate sense of realism and weight revealing an natural insight in to the recording without losing that magic which so many find addictively unique.

Tannoy Monitor Gold Loudspeaker -

The Monitor Gold series drivers – A brief history

The very first dual concentric speaker was originally the Monitor Black way back in 1947. Although originally conceived for laboratory use it soon became apparent with the later iterations of the dual concentric design from the silvers to the reds that the point source feature made for an excellent reproducer of music and voice.

When the Monitor Gold was released in 1967 it was very well received and therefore picked up by many sound recording studios such as Trident, EMI and Decca in the 1960s.

From control rooms to projection booths, the Monitor Gold drivers were used in sound studios world wide. The most famous of the studios that used these drivers were Trident, EMI, Abbey Road and CTS in London. They were used in the recording of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Pete Townsend of ‘The Who’ also used them in his own private studio.

Generally these studio monitors were housed in large Lockwood cabinets such as the Lockwood Majors and universals.

I used my Tannoyista crossovers with the Lockwood Universal cabinets and my ex-Trident Lockwood Major cabinets.

For more information on the Universal cabinets, click HERE!

For more information on the Ex-Trident studios Lockwood Majors, click HERE!

For more information regarding the R&D of these crossovers, click HERE!

Lockwood Universal Cabinets -
(Above) Lockwood Universals.

Thorens TD-124 MKII -
(Above) Thorens TD124 MKII in R&D of the crossovers

Research and Development of theTannoyista external crossovers

Originally released in 1967 the monitor golds have now gathered a cult status and are also an investment for many. The original crossovers are a classic and a superb piece of engineering but the passage of time has naturally caused the switches and some internal components to inherit reliability and sonic issues.

Tannoyista Custom Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers -
Due to the high quality of the production by Tannoy the drivers on the other hand are generally found to be in perfect working order. Because these drivers are so well coveted sonically we at Tannoyista decided to build high-end updated external crossovers using the original circuit to bring these drivers back to life.

Tannoyista Custom Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers -
(Above) First version of the crossovers with exposed components.

Back in 2012 we went in to production of some basic upgraded crossovers (shown above). After experimentation with numerous makes and types of components we fell upon a combination that suited the drivers sound and dynamics.

Building upon this we re-visited the whole circuit layout to incorporate larger modern components whilst accommodating an upgrade path to the full range of our component research.

Duelund resistors inside the Tannoyista Custom Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers -

Designed in 3D the layout, components, fixings, case work and connections were all visualised. From that point onwards updates have been progressing to bring even more types of components in to the mix for an optimum level of performance, reliability and upgradability.

External build quality and extras

All Tannoyista crossovers are handmade using a combination of solid Oak case work, handmade dovetailing and high quality acrylics this combination work together to dampen any obscure vibrations. Metal fixings are kept to a minimum and the case work is hand polished to bring out the beauty of the wood.

They can be orientated to fit in your space either flat, on their side or on their end. Because they are of a mirrored design cabling up is easy and can kept at equal lengths.

Tannoyista Custom Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers -
We also offer plinths for them to sit on in either orientation. Both of which are also made from solid Oak and can be finished to match.

Tannoyista Custom Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers -
Other finishes and woods such as Ash and Mahogany are available for both crossovers and plinths. A choice of clear, semi-transparent and solid colour top panels are available.

To make them even more unique we also offer the option to have your favourite quote, lyric or anything you wish laser etched on the base plate.

Tannoyista Custom Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers -

Dimensions per unit:
(Height dimensions do not include feet or the units fitted with a plinth)


Your system and your budget is something we fully understand and therefore the Tannoyista crossovers need to be future proof.

Clarity Cap - Tannoyista Custom Monitor Gold Loudspeaker Crossovers -

Your feedback has told us that implementing the option of being able to upgrade components (in the places where it matters most) for system matching is very important. 

Therefore all Tannoyista crossovers are built with or upgradeable to a fine selection of components such as:

ClaritycapDuelundCardas CCBP Billet copper binding posts
JensenMillsCMC Copper binding posts

Coils - All coils remain as Mundorf (Baked Varnish) and Mundorf foil types throughout the range.

Model range

Below are four models of our range. These can be made to order as-is and the option to change the specification to suit is possible, please contact us for more information.

All models are assembled in polished soild oak dovetailed case work.

SPEC 1 - Monitor BasicSPEC 2 - Monitor ClearlineSPEC 3 - Monitor SilverlineSPEC 4 - Monitor Goldline Supreme
Mundorf wire wound (baked varnish) & foil type coilsMundorf wire wound (baked varnish) & foil type coilsMundorf wire wound (baked varnish) & foil type coilsMundorf wire wound (baked varnish) & foil type coils
Mundorf Mox resistorsMills resistorsDuelund Carbon/Silver resistorsDuelund CAST Carbon/Silver resistors
Claritycap ESA capacitorsClaritycap ESA CapacitorsClaritycap MR CapacitorsClaritycap MR Capacitors
Mundorf MCap MCAP Supreme CapacitorsJensen Copper Paper in oil CapacitorsJensen Copper Paper in oil CapacitorsMundorf Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil Capacitors
CMC Copper binding postsCMC Copper binding postsCardas CCBP Billet copper binding postsCardas CCBP Billet copper binding posts  

Production of these are no longer available.

The Cost of a pair of these would be £4000 for a spec 3

The links below are for information on the components used: